Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Workout

Put on your favorite Black Eyed Peas CD and turn out this interval cardio workout inspired by the Super Bowl! GO PACK!

Perform each exercise for one minute. Complete one to three sets, depending on how tough you are.

1. Field Goal Kicks: Kick your right leg across your body toward the extended left arm. Then kick your left leg across your body toward the extended right arm. Repeat, alternating sides for the minute.

2. High Knees

3. Freestyle touch down dance: work it your own way, as if you scored a TD for the minute.

4. Butt Kicks - yup - one minute.

5. Three Point Stance. Start standing straight up, legs together, arms by your sides. Jump legs apart, push hips and glutes back to bend knees and touch ground with your right hand. Jump legs back together to come back to standing. Repeat touching ground with left hand. Alternate for the minute. (See picture for correct body position.)

6. Wide Football runs: Stand with legs wider than hips, squat down a bit and moving feet as quickly as possible, run in place. Keep going for a minute.

7. Burpee: any style of burpee you like for one minute

8. Narrow Football runs: Same as wide football runs, but keep feet close together for one minute.

9. Tackle drop downs: Run in place for four counts, then drop to the ground flat on your belly, immediately use hands and feet to push yourself back up to standing. Repeat for the whole minute.

10. Sprint in place to finish off for one minute.

Be sure to drink a big glass of water and stretch when you're finished!

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