Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hempz Touch of Summer


A self tanner with no parabens and a delightful aroma!

Hempz has added to their line of exceptional body care products with Touch of Summer, a gradual self tanner that imparts a beautiful glow with no nasty ingredients or chemically smell!

Enriched with pure organic Hemp Seed oil, the lotion comes in two shades (fair and medium) and achieves maximum darkness after one week.

I was pleased after just one application!

My skin was soft, hydrated and subtly golden!

Learn more and purchase here:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Inspired by the "I Love Fruit Cart" and my memories of Los Angeles fruit carts, I have been making this spicy, sour, sweet, crunchy, cool treat:

Fresh Coconut (if you really want to get authentic)
Pico de Gallo seasoning or chile powder

Slice fruit into bite size chunks.
Squeeze lime over fruit
Add a tiny sprinkle of salt and pico or chile to taste.


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Monday, June 28, 2010


I discovered Lalo Fuentes while browsing the Yogavive (those popped apple chips I wrote about here: )featured athletes.

I promptly went to his website and was intrigued. I wrote the company requesting copies of his DVD's: "LaloFit Volume 1 & 2. They graciously sent me a copy of Volume 2, since Volume 1 is almost sold out.

After doing the hour long Volume 2 workout ... I know why!

Lalo Fuentes has produced a fabulous DVD that feels like having a personal trainer in your living room. Lalo has really captured the essence of what it feels like to be trained one on one in DVD format. He achieves this with a visual rep countdown in the upper right hand corner of the screen and a dual count down timer on the bottom that keeps track of how much total time has elapsed and how much time remains in the interval.

The work out consists of cardio/strength segments separated by thirty second breaks. The breaks are a highlight of the DVD, not only because the rest is well deserved, but motivational phrases flash on the screen such as< "Visualize the end result," "Build Confidence," and "I'm ready - are you?" SEEING these phrases was almost more powerful than hearing them. I loved this feature!

The exercises are challenging, from tons of push up variations, compound lower body movements and plyometrics. My favorite exercise is one I'd never seen before, the "bicep rotations."

Lalo incorporates his "freeze technique" throughout the video, which entails "freezing" for a moment at the top or bottom of a rep to connect mind and body.

Lalo's mellow cues are done in voice over, which allows the viewer to see Lalo REALLY doing the workout. It's nice to see him sweat and struggle ... just like I was!

The DVD includes a Spanish language option, a bonus music video and additional 15 minute workout.

The only equipment you need is a set of light weights (even Lalo is using 5's) and a mat.

I highly suggest adding these DVD's into your workout rotation. The workout is challenging,fun and effective.

Learn more and purchase LaloFit DVD's here:

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oldie Sunday

Half of the year is pretty much finito.

Remember January?

Check in with your resolution:

Friday, June 25, 2010

American Apocolypse

Calling all post-workout fashionistas.

Maybe you could care less what you wear during your fitness foray, but afterwards you rock the most stylin' frocks.

If you love deals, vintage and high fashion then check out:

My gorgeous and always fashionable friend Brandi, discovered this amazing site that has really unique items and carries brands like Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Cynthia Rowley.

I personally am dying over the "To wong "Career Girl" minidress" pictured above.

Be prepared to open your wallet and take advantage of their great prices.
Shop here:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walking with Hand Weights

Alright all you, "heavy lifting is the only way change your body" people.

Get ready to start screaming.

I believe that all weight lifting techniques, including many, many reps of little to no weight, have merit. Different body types respond to different types of training. And perhaps the best approach, is a multi-disciplinary, varied one!

That being said, I used to be dead set against walking with hand weights. I felt it compromised the joints - and in some people, it may.

However, if you are relatively fit, especially in the "core," then walking with hand weights may be a viable progression for you. The dumbbells add extra "weight" which results in more calorie burn and if you work your arms in multi-planar movements can tone and shape stubborn arms.

Try using a set of one or two pound dumbbells to work various arm movements while you are walking. Here are some ideas:

1. Pump arms bent 90 degrees back and forth
2. Straight arm lifts - with arms hanging straight at sides lift one or both arms straight up toward the ears as your shoulder allows.
3. Bent or straight arm lateral raise
4. Drum beats - use the weights like drum sticks and beat to a rhythm for "air drumming"
5. Triceps kick backs

Try adding dumbbell walking into your routine on non-consecutive days for great

Purchase light dumbbells from:

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am about to reveal the number one secret to looking and feeling damn good.

You can't buy it online, shop for it at exlusive retailers or find it at your nearest Wal-Mart.

It is something that a lucky few are just born with and others work to cultivate.

Sometimes you have to fake it until it becomes integrated into your being.

It's about playing up your strengths and embracing your flaws.

Know what makes you special, what makes you - YOU.

So what is this magic key to the entire point of this blog?


Get some. Work at it. Force yourself to hold your head high and be a force of nature.

Challenge: Shift your mindset 180 degrees about a negative body image or emotional issue for three days. See and feel the difference.

Be condident - to look and feel damn good!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Heart Fruit Cart

Living in Los Angeles for a decade, it was hard to miss or marvel at the "Frutas" stands. Metal carts with rainbow umbrellas, melons, cucumber, jicama, mango and pineapple sat on ice, were sliced and diced before your ices and served in a plastic bag or container with lemon, pico/chile and salt on top.

Ahhhh, those were the days.

But, I must say - I used to wonder where the fruit came from, how sanitary these carts were and just how "healthy" these seemingly innocent fruity snack was.

Well, a clever Los Angeles couple have started a "Frutas" alternative, The "I Heart Fruit Cart."

Here, they serve organic fruit, sliced up in a sanitary commissary and served in 100% recyclable containers."

Cool. It's compassionate "Frutas."

I'm totally there next time I'm in LA.

Check out the "I Heart Fruit Cart" here:

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Monday, June 21, 2010

True Lemon

I received some samples of True Lemon, True Orange and True Lime 100% natural, cold pressed and crystalized packets of citrus flavor.

I had been searching for a Crystal Lite replacement, since it is made from Aspartame and I think I found it!

I mixed a packet of True Orange with a packet of stevia and 24 oz of water and downed the entire glass promptly.

The packets are a convenient way to flavor water, tea or whatever you choose without added calories.

Learn more and purchase here:

Here is a recipe for a chilled berry lime dessert:

Strawberry Lime Treat
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1 packet True Lime
1 packet Stevia
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk or whole grain milk
1 cup frozen strawberries

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy with a spoon.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oldie Sunday - Nutrasonic

Summer solstice is coming up ...

Great time to do start a new skin care regime.

Add in the Nutrasonic for exfoliation and better product absorption.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultimate Body Press

Working out at home using little or no equipment creates an amazing physique, but it is often challenging to work fundamental exercises like dips and to directly work the large muscles of your back.

The Ultimate Body Press solves that issue!

Constructed of four pieces of steel that are easily assembled, the Ultimate Body Press is the ideal solution for performing body weight dips and full body rows.

The height of the machine makes it a great option for women to learn an empowering exercise like the dip which works the chest and triceps, because you can begin by placing both feet on the ground, then move to one foot and eventually work up to the full dip.

The body weight row is a great way to work the opposing muscles of the back and biceps without having to have the strength to do a full pull up, yet this exercise will help you get on your way there!

Both exercises work the core muscles as well, especially when you pay attention to engaging your abs and stablizing with your low back.

Accessories like attachable resistance bands and push up rings are available for the aparatus to make the machine a total body device.

Learn more and purchase here:

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

My cousin emailed me the other day asking for my opinion on Frozen Yogurt. She has been marveling at all of the fro yo shops popping up claiming to offer "healthy" treats.

My response was: the only yogurt that is GOOD for you is plain, non or low fat, organic or at the very least hormone-free, greek style or regular, refrigerated yogurt with active cultures and probiotics.

Most any frozen yogurt is processed and full of added stuff including sugar. Even the sugar-free frozen yogurts are full of processed chemicals without much nutrional value.
They are also often whipped with tons of air so they are not ultimatly satisfying. You end of full of cold, airy, chemicals.

The bottom line is that frozen yogurt is a treat. If it was "good" or "healthy" for you I would have my mouth attached to the spout of one those machines!

If you want to enjoy frozen yogurt, do so in moderation. Always get the smallest size and no toppings except fruit.
Better, in my opinion to have a 1/2 cup serving of all natural real, deal ice cream like Hagen daaz 5.
It's ultimately yummier and more satisfying.

Want my opinion on a beauty, fashion, fitness or nutrition issue? Write me!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peace Soap

Kiss My Face has added to their line of fabulous natural products with their version of castille soap, called Peace Soap.

Peace Soap is touted to have 101 uses such as: make up brush cleanser, toothpaste alternative, laundry detergent and plant insecticide.

Awesome - love a multi-use product.

I especially love a multi-tasker that 10% of the profits go to a good cause. In this case, Kiss My Face donates to The Seeds of Peace Organization which helps "young people from regions of conflict develop the leadership skills necessary to advance reconciliation and coexistence.”

That is some powerful cleanser.

Learn more and purchase Peace Soap here:

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yogavive Chips

I am a victim of clever retailing.
It's not even really clever.
Truly, I am a sucker for overt, shoving in your face to buy items in the check out line.

As I waited in what was seemingly an endless line at HomeGoods, I was tantalized by the items that surrounded me from every angle. I contemplated purchasing scented candles, wacky key chains, reading glasses, an ipod speaker system, golf accessories and flavored coffee. Then, I spied a bin full of shiny, puffy little packages with the word "yoga" sprawled across them.

They had me with the balloon like packaging, but yoga sealed the deal.

I picked up a package of Yogavive Organic Popped Fuji Apple Chips and added them to the booty I scored that day.

I deflated the package of "fat-free, crispy, gluten free, vegan and no added sugar Caramel flavored apple chips and discovered a satisfying taste sensation.

I completely realize eating a whole, fresh Fuji apple would have another level of nutrition and delicious crunch, but these light, crispy chips delivered a delicious, 35 calorie, fun snack.

Yogavive chips would be especially useful in getting kids and produce-phobes to eat some fruit!

Learn more and purchase Yogavive chips here:

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mayumi's Kitchen - Madonna Macrobiotic

The moment I heard that Madonna's long time Macrobiotic chef, Mayumi Nishimura was coming out with a cook book, "Mayumi's Kitchen," I contacted the publisher to receive an advance copy.

Kodansha International kindly sent me one and I immediately dove in.

The book is an interesting, quick read documenting Mayumi's path to becoming a macrobiotic chef to the stars and contains a wealth of macro recipes to follow, meal by meal, on her eating program.

The photographs are stunning and reel you right in to the allure of macrobiotic eating.

Initially, I had the intention of following the eating plan, but quite honestly, I found diving into the macrobiotic lifestyle a bit overwhelming.

Instead, I have been integrating pieces of the diet and individual recipes into my current diet.

Some great ways to start incorporating macrobiotics into your life are to eat small portions of brown rice, introduce a variety of sea vegetables into your life and limit sweets.

I especially enjoy Mayumi's Miso Soup with Daikon and Onion recipe.

Learn more and purchase "Mayumi's Kitchen" here:

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oldie Sunday-Gymboss Timer

I almost almost utilize my trusty gymboss timer during workouts, but the other day the display started malfunctioning.

I wrote the company and they are sending me a new timer, no questions asked.

I have to give props to Gymboss for great customer service!!

Check out my original entry on this awesome gym gadget here:

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Blood Donor Day

The first time I gave blood was last year, in conjunction with reading "Eat Right for Your Type."

Neither my mother, nor I had any record of my blood type and after experimenting with a home test, decided to find out for sure by giving blood.

The experience was fast, virtually painless and extremely rewarding. I confirmed my blood type and helped fill the blood bank shelves.

June 14, 2010 is World Blood Donor Day.

I sincerely urge you to find a local Blood Donation Center and give blood. You will be helping someone in the most generous way possible.

Plus, you'll get some of the nifty Nexcare bandages pictured in the photo above.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Handling Injury

Almost two months ago, I was more than halfway through my usual daily Ashtanga Primary Series practice.

I was fully into Upavishta Konasana (wide angle forward fold), enjoying my five ujayii breaths, when suddenly I felt something in my hip/glute area - muscle or tendon ... or maybe fascia slide over the bone/joint and heard the most god awful pop/tear.

I calmly stopped my practice and limped into the kitchen where I immediately applied ice.

The next few days manifested an injury that felt like it emanated from the hip, but clearly involved the hamstring and hamstring insertion as well.


Needless to say my yoga practice has transformed since then.

I have maintained my practice as my teacher encouraged me to modify as necessary, but still get through my practice.

After about four weeks of heavily modified practice, I began to cross train.

Amazingly, I have been able to incorporate jogging, stepmill, cycling, elliptical, plyometrics and strength training into my regime.

The result ... two months later ... I am still not 100%, but am coming back stronger than ever. I have maintained my flexibility and built new found strength.

The lesson?

If I had better insurance, a doctor probably would have told me to rest for eight weeks. (I am not advocating NOT going to the doctor - I am merely stating that you should do what you instinctually know is good for your body. Maybe your body tells you to rest when you are injured.)

I can't imagine where I would be right now, had I done that.

I worked through and modified for my injury safely. I believe in another four weeks, I'll be better than ever!!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


In praise of girly-ness, beauty maintence and self indulgence, this post will focus on a weekly beauty ritual I have recently re-embraced - the manicure.

Tidy, well groomed hands say a lot about a person - male or female.

Manicured hands increase self confidence and project the message that you care about details.

Schedule a standing appointment for a weekly manicure with your favorite nail professional and observe your digits not only look damn good, but see how this beauty ritual can make you feel damn good as well.

My current finger and toe obsession? OPI Shorts Story, a bright, blue based pink perfect for transitioning from Spring to Summer.

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Monday, June 7, 2010


Let's face it, alcohol doesn't really factor in to a lifestyle centered around looking and feeling damn good.

But, sometimes an occasion or a really tough day calls for a little adult beverage action.

Here are some good options (other than the "have red wine because it contains antioxidants same old, same old) when choosing your poison:

1. (1) Vodka Martini, chilled, served "up" with olives

2. (1) Chilled Patron Tequila, shaken with the juice of one fresh lime served over

3. (1) "light" beer of your choice

4. (1) Guinness

5. (1) glass champagne

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The A Team Movie

More Summer Movie fitness inspiration!!

The A Team is sure to motivate bodies to hit the gym when it is released on June 11, 2010.

Between constant fitness buff Jessica Biel and the rocked out physique of Bradley Cooper, the swoll eye candy should not disappoint.

I pity the fool who does not get their booty up in the gym to work on their on fitness after just seeing the preview alone!

I can't wait to start reading details about how the stars got in shape for this flick!

I will however, be missing my Mr. T!

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Oldie Sunday - Unranch Dressing

I've been in the tropical climate of NYC all week, which has made me only want to eat cool, crisp salads.

Try this recipe for Unranch Dressing over some fresh, cold veggies:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hungry Girl

If you identify with the title of this post in any capacity, then you must check out:

Packed full of daily tips, tricks and recipes for eating healthy and remaining satiated, this totally useful, practical, creative blog provides a plethora of sound nutrition advice.

I particularly love checking out the "Chew the Right Thing" feature that highlights wise eating swaps like this amazing recipe for a McDonald's McGriddle swap:

Sign up for the Hungry Girl daily email and get inspired to munch better!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exercises you SHOULD be doing

If there is a particular exercise you are avoiding, it is probably exactly what your body needs.

For some reason, it is human nature to avoid what is challenging and uncomfortable.

I say, "In your face, instinct!"

Embrace what you don't want to do and watch your body transform!!

Here are some case in point, commonly avoided exercises:

1. Pull Ups

2. Jump Lunges

3. Hanging Straight Leg Raises

4. Dips

5. Sprints

6. Ardha Chandrasana (half moon posture)

7. Wide Angle Forward Fold (Upavishta Konasana)

In fact ... why not create a workout centered around these "bane of your exercise existence" movements?

Try circuiting the above moves. Determine your number of reps and length of sprint. Do each exercise one after the other without rest. Start with one set once a week. The following week, do two sets. Add an additional set the third week and continue performing this workout once per week.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lucy Sprinter Sister Skirt and Contest

If you aren't a Lucy Activewear convert/addict yet, I implore you to get thee to or to a store near you, try on ANY of their garments, see and feel the Lucy difference!

Their latest triumph in merging style, functionality, comfort and cuteness is the Sprinter Sister Skirt.

I had gotten an email touting the release of the Lucy Summer Collection and was intrigued by this unique take on the running skirt. I had dismissed the running skirt trend as just that - a trend and secretly wished it would just go away. But, there was something about the cut of the Sprinter Sister Skirt that opened my mind a bit.

Engineered from a combination of stretchy lucy flex fabric and moisture wicking lucy tech material, the skirt has a super flattering, totally wearable, pleated silhouette and majorly functional features like a reflective zip pocket in the back, an mp3 player pocket and a mesh ball pocket. You can be the MacGuyver of fitness wearing this adorable piece with a place for all your gadgets!

I requested to test the skirt and Lucy generously obliged, also sending me the matching Propel Tank.

Both items were love at first try on. Never did I imagine I would be a running skirt girl, but there is something about the way this garment makes you feel that is undeniable. Upon donning the skirt and tank I was more motivated to work out and show off my new fitness style!

I was super impressed with the functionality of the shorts under the skirt. No pinching, riding or rolling up - plus they totally enhance the athletic shape of my thighs, instead of squeezing my curves in an unsightly way.

My run was cool, dry, chafe free and totally uninhibited by the skirt. Same goes for the tank - no armpits were harmed in the use of this moisture wicking, quick drying, well cut top.

I have also taken the Sprinter Sister and Propel Tank to the gym. Squats and lunges have never looked so good.

Be sure to add the Sprinter Sister Skirt and Propel Tank to your workout wardrobe by shopping Lucy here:

And ... as a Lucy bonus ...

If you are lucky enough to live near a Lucy store check out this amazing offer:

To kick-start summer training lucy is launching a new compete and win promotion with two ways to win! From now through the end of August customers who present a race bib get 20% off any full-priced lucy® item at any one of the brand’s 65 US locations. In addition racers who come in first, second or third dressed in head-to-toe lucy get a lucy Training Tank and Propel Bottom. Says Kira Karmazin, VP, Merchandising and Marketing, “lucy is all about inspiring performance—and in this case, we wanted to let racers know how inspired we are by them.”

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Optimum Nutrition Egg Protein

I like to switch up my protein powders to keep from dietary boredom.

I just bought a tub of Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Custard Egg Protein from

I am totally pleased!

Each serving contains 24 grams of protein and 100 calories - the equivalent of seven egg whites.

Instantized - so it mixes quickly with anything - this is the definition of protein convenience.

I've been making a killer post workout smoothie with this - it's a bit sweet - but, totally delish!

Eggsellent Blueberry Post Workout Smoothie:

8 - 10 oz cold filtered water
1- Serving ON Egg Protein Vanilla Flavor
1/2 cup Trader Joes frozen Wild Blueberries
1 packet Stevia
1 packet Emergen C Lite with MSM
1 tsp glutamine
2 grams Jarrow MSM powder
1 tsp Carlson Cod Liver Oil - Lemon Flavor
1 scoop Scivation Xtend - Refreshing Lemonade

Throw all ingredients into blender. Blend and Enjoy!

Learn more and purchase Optimum Nutrition products here:

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