Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I don't know about your "neck of the woods" ... but, Spring is definitely here where I am!
Light rains mixed with milder temperatures ... Daylight savings time ...

What a great reminder to do some inner Spring Cleaning!

This is the time to start kicking your goals into high gear!

A great way to do that is to do a little "digestive" cleaning ... get things moving a bit, eh?

Be sure you are chewing your food well, taking your time to eat undistracted and drinking at least your bodyweight in ounces of plain water per day. Yes - plain water.

Water is IMO the BEST cleansing, detoxing agent out there!! It naturally flushes out your system, while hydrating you!

Adding in a cup or two of green tea is helpful too!

As far as food goes ... GREEN is the color for spring! Eat unlimited cooked/raw, plain green veggies. Add these into your current nutritional plan!!

Add spinach to your egg whites, a big salad to your lunch and steamed broccoli/asparagus to dinner!

You may also want to add some cleansing yoga twists into your workout warm up/cool down.

Here is a five minute twist series to try:

Have fun with your clean out!

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