Monday, May 9, 2011

Bar Method Dancer's Body

The Bar Method delivers again with a super sweaty, upper body sculpting, thigh shaking, butt squeezing, ab carving, muscle elongating workout led by super ripped instructor, Marnie Alton.

I was sent The Bar Method Dancer's Body Advanced Workout along with the Beginner's Workout I reviewed last week.

This DVD takes it to the next level.

Marnie Alton is a fantastically inspiring instructor who obviously walks the walk and displays the results. I always find instructors with an enviable physique really push me to do more working out at home. Plus, the rest of class looks amazing and shows modifications throughout.

Constructed of the typical Bar Method series working from the warmup all the way to the stretch, this workout is sure to challenge even the most advanced barre practitioners.

No fancy music or set, just 62 minutes of detailed instruction and non-stop shaky burn!

Learn more and purchase The Bar Method DVD's here:

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