Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bar Method Beginner's Workout

As a huge fan of "barre" workouts, I was very excited to hear about The Bar Method's new DVD releases.

I was sent a copy of The Bar Method Beginner's Workout and was excited to give it a go!

Even as an experienced exerciser and advanced barre workout practitioner, sometimes going back to the basics can be a really effective way to hone technique and really focus on muscle activation.

And by the soreness in my muscles the day after doing this DVD - I can tell you that barre fans of any level with benefit from this video.

At 37 minutes, this DVD is the perfect length for a quickie workout, or to add some interval cardio afterward to.

Led my Burbank Bar Method Studio owner, Joey Decker, the workout covers the entire body with a quick warmup, an arm series, a thigh series, seat series, abs and bridging with stretching interspersed throughout the workout - a Bar Method Trademark.

As originators in the group barre class trend, The Bar Method videos - especially those led by founder, Burr Leonard are a must for any collection. The DVD's are the most technical of any I tried and are deceptively effective.

Learn more and purchase Barre Method DVD's here:

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