Thursday, May 5, 2011

F Factor Cereal

Always on the hunt for high fiber cereal to munch on and especially ones without artificial sweeteners, I was thrilled to find F Factor Cereals at my local food co-op.

Created by F-Factor Diet guru, Tanya Becker, these cereals are loaded with fiber and none of the nasty fake stuff found in some brands.

I purchased all three varieties - High Fiber SKinnys, Skinnys n' Fruit and Mini Cinnamon O's with Raisins and Almonds.

All three are really great!

The Skinny's are just that - skinny strips of fiber filled cereal. I eat mine with unsweetened almond milk. They get soggy fast, but they are almost better that way!

The O's are crunchy, lightly sweetened yumminess that I've been slamming with cottage cheese for a filling, satisfying breakfast.

Do they taste like Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oats? Um, hell no. But, the nutritional punch of a load of fiber makes them worth adding into your diet.

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