Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boot Camp Workout

Be your own drill Sargent!
Try this work out outdoors at your local park!

Warm Up:
10 - 15 minutes laps around trees, parking lot ... distinguish a small loop to run.
Incorporate: jogging, jogging with punching forward and upwards, skipping, backwards jogging and dynamic stretches.

Circuit 3x:
Walking Lunges: 20 reps each leg
Box jumps onto picnic bench, tree stump or playground steps: 10 reps
Skater Jumps side to side: 20 reps each leg
Repeater Bench Step Ups: 20 on Right leg, 20 on left leg
Bench Dips: 20 reps
Planks or knee ins with feet on playground swing: hold plank for 30 seconds, 10 reps knee ins

Stretch for 15 min.

Rock it!

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