Monday, July 5, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I finally saw the Jim Carrey movie, "Yes Man."

In the flick, Jim Carrey's character is a man stuck in his own cycle of negativity; a dead end job, no desire to socialize and no girlfriend.

He runs into an old buddy who introduces him to a self help program that entails saying "yes" to every opportunity.

Hysterics ensue as saying "yes" leads to a bevvy of absurdities and ultimately, positive changes in his life.

Why not try incorporating a little "Yes Man" into your life?

Maybe when your group exercise instructor demonstrates a new body weight exercise, instead of thinking to yourself that you can't possibly do it, just say, "Yes!" And give it a go!

Perhaps you are out to dinner with friends at an Ethiopian restaurant and a strange dish is placed in the middle of the table fro everyone to eat with their hands. Say, "OK! I'm down to try it!"

That new fashion trend?? Just wear it!

Don't limit yourself with self inflicted boundaries. Instead open yourself up to a whole new world of saying, "YES!"

Within reason of course ...

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