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Perhaps no diet concept is as entrenched in history as The Paleo Diet.

Based on the principle that we should eat a diet of unprocessed foods just like Hunter/Gatherers did, The Paleo Diet consists of eating protein, nuts, fruits and veggies. Foods like corn, wheat, dairy and beans that were developed as agriculture developed, are forbidden.

The "bible" for this diet is Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution," which was provided for me by the publisher. An engaging, fast read, Wolf's research and logic makes a lot of sense. Basically a "lower" carb diet of unprocessed foods, most people will respond positively and with weight/fat loss by making the changes Wolf suggests.

Wolf also includes a workout plan consisting of mult-joint, functional movements that amp up the effectiveness of the food.

I often prescribe a modified Paleo Diet to clients who tell me they work out and eat a certain way, but aren't getting results. After a week of Paleo-like eating, they are thrilled.

The book also includes some really delicious, easy recipes.

And like all diets, The Paleo Solution has inspired a cook book!

Tuttle Publishing also sent me a copy of "Everyday Paleo" by Sarah Fragoso, a trainer at Robb Wolf's gym.

This large, full color book is more than a cook book, it's a fantastic "how to" for those who want to really embrace the Paleo lifestyle. This book has quickly become my favorite, inspiring new meals and reinvigorating my passion to eat healthfully.

While Wolf's book is filled with tons of research and science, "Everyday Paleo" is an easy read that really gets to the heart of how to eat and live a Paleo lifestyle, even extending it to your entire family.

This book is more than just a cookbook filled with delicious recipes that even a kitchen novice could execute, "Everyday Paleo" also includes a workout schedule with illustrated exercises, shopping list and meal calendars. It's really everything you need to kick start a Paleo lifestyle eating and fitness plan.

I highly recommend this book - especially to those who need to cook for more than just themselves. The recipes and strategies Fragoso details make Paleo palatable for everyone!

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