Saturday, October 31, 2009

Damn, HE looks Good! Gerard Butler

I believe accolades are due when hard work manifests itself in an aesthetically pleasing way.
I just got back from seeing "Law Abiding Citizen." Nevermind that it is a great thriller, Gerard Butler looks damn good.
I'd honestly rather Mr. Butler retire the attempts at an American dialect - his speech just seems intensely labored as he grinds away at each syllable, hardly disguising his Scottish roots. So, if he'd just shut up we could really appreciate the physique he obviously diligently maintains.
I love that he is a "manly man." He's not crazy ripped and has enough "beef" to be credible in a fight. This man obviously works his legs and glutes - see the movie for proof. Take note gentlemen (and ladies!!) ... this is how great, symetrical bodies are created. So many men display these overdeveloped upper bodies without any attention to below the navel. Such a shame I say. Working the lower body recruits the entire core, creating a stable, strong frame and contributing to the development of a six pack that is revealed when body fat gets low enough.
And we cannot talk about Gerard Butler without giving a nod to the original movie that he revealed his physique in, "300." That movie and his body spawned crazy, high rep, high intensity "300" workouts fit for Spartan warriors.

Give one a try at:

Your body reflects the fuel you put in it and the work you turn out of it. Consistency, intensity and dedication like Gerard Butler's will have your body rockin' in the House of Yum too.

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