Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween - How to NOT go into a sugar coma

Exercising self control over an abundantly overflowing orange plastic jack-o-lantern is not an easy task - even for the most disciplined of dieters.
Here are some tips to keep the gorging under control:
1. Maintain healthy eating for all your meals. Do not let yourself get hungry or deprived. Eat small, filling meals every 2 - 3 hours to maintain satiety.
2. Work Out. Do your normal work out routine. You will be less likely to sabotage yourself knowing you put in some hard earned sweat for the day.
3. Make Halloween more about the costume, the parties and the accompanying activities, instead of revolving around the FOOD.
4. Decide in advance what your treat is going to be. Do not trick yourself into straying from this decision. If you decide that one peanut butter cup is your YUM, then that is what it is.
5. Weed through the crap ... whatever doesn't float your sweet tooth boat has got to go. Either put it aside to give away, or if your willpower doesn't allow for it to even remain in the same dwelling as you ... throw it away or give it away IMMEDIATELY.
6. Really enjoy what you've chosen. Sit down, unwrap it and savor each bite. When it's done - it's done. Do not reach for another. If you actually have another around - you obviously didn't comply with #5.
7. Reward yourself for your restraint with a non-food item. If you make it through and attain your goal - including ridding the house of leftovers - get a manicure, a new top, a massage ... whatever makes it worth it for you.
8. If all else fails and you misstep - not to worry. Instead of telling yourself you will repent "tomorrow," start NOW. Each moment is only a moment. So, if you had a moment of weakness, reset your resolve for that next moment and get back on track.
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