Friday, October 30, 2009

GG Crackers

I am about to give you the greatest bit of nutritional information you will ever receive.
Hold your hands out and grab a large bottle of water - because you are going to need it to process the amount of fiber in this product.
GG Crackers.
Memorize it.
Learn to love them.
Go to their website and buy two cases right now:
Eat eight per day and watch what happens ...
Let me tell you my personal experience with these little fibrous miracles.
I have an insatiable appetite. I mean it - I seriously lack the hormone that signals your brain that you are full. I should have a career in eating contests because I swear I could out eat anyone. If I didn't work out like a maniac I'd have a MAYJAH problem.
My truly adorable and fabulous step mom is an upper east side NYC mom ... yes, the real deal - not the made for TV Bravo kind.
Her friend and nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot introduced her and scores of other upper east side moms to GG Crackers through her F Factor Diet.
Hence, how they made their way into my mouth.
I have lost almost ten pounds in one month ... I haven't changed anything workout wise or really nutrition wise - except that I am eating whatever I want - no restrictions. But, I am eating less - because the GG Crackers make you full. Yes - they make even this truck driver's appetite stuck in the body of a 5'2 Jew feel satiated. I've come to love these crackers so much I eat them plain.
Here is a typical day of working eight crackers into my life:
Meal one: Protein shake, two GG Crackers, one to two eggs, two pieces of bacon
Meal two: Two GG Crackers with peanut butter and sugar free jam
Meal three: Chicken Breast with marinara and parmesan cheese, broccoli, dark chocolate
Meal four: Two GG Crackers with cottage cheese and hot sauce
Meal five: salmon, green veggies, two GG crackers with melted feta cheese
Meal six: ice cream or greek yogurt or chocolate chip cookies - something yummy
My body has completly shrunk. I know this because my clothes fit differently, people are noticing and saying things to me and I feel FABULOUS!!
Try them! You will love them!
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