Friday, October 30, 2009

In the spirit of Halloween - Black Lipstick

This post is a bit of a rant - but, alas - you may as well see this side of me early on ...
As we get deeper into our relationship with one and other, you will see that I am a fashion risk taker. I've had every hair color under the sun, I own and have experimented with every make up product on the planet, I regularly wear hair pieces and am adventurous with incorporating the wildest fashion trends into my wardrobe, but I cannot wrap my head around why every fall, cosmetic companies try to force the darkest possible hue on lips around the world ... I understand a lovely, deep burgundy, a "vamp-y" bordeaux, I even embrace a dark lip liner on the right person ... But, this black lipstick trend is RIDONCULOUS. It does not look good on anyone except forlorn, goth teenagers who hide their faces under their matching black hoodies and perhaps in the pages of a lush, high fashion magazine styled in the capable hands of say, Grace Coddington. Do not wear this shade to work. Do not wear this color on a date. Do not wear this color at all - unless you are going to a Halloween fete and it is part of your costume. Key word - costume. But, hell if you are fierce enough to buy this shit and rock it - more power to ya. Post your pics.
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