Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As a glamazon who works in an environment that is consistently sweaty, causing undesirable interruptions in carefully executed make up, I am completely infatuated with Fiberwig mascara.

The biggest plus this formulation offers is smudge proof wear, even through an hour long spin class.

Here is how it works according to, "Fiberwig coats each individual lash with a light film of fibers. Your lashes become film-coated lashes. Fiberwig's light film coating defines and separates each lash while creating a fresh and natural gloss finish. Thanks to the film-coated lashes, Fiberwig will not smear nor smudge when you tear or sweat."


You are probabably wondering how you remove this lash shelac ... unbeliebably, it is removable with warm water. Here is how THAT works ... according to, "Fiberwig absorbs the warm water and then swells, making it easy to slide off your lashes. When washing your face, simply wet your lashes with warm water. Then gently slide off the fibers with your finger and thumb."

Thick, long lashes that don't smear and are a snap to to take off!! How can it get better?

To buy Fiberwig in a special kit that comes with their Tiny Sniper mascara , click here:

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