Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swap A DVD

Ever bought a DVD and never watched it again?
Or purchased a work out DVD that you've tried once and has since never left the darkness of your dresser drawer? has come up with a solution.

Why let DVD's sit around when you can swap them for others ... for FREE!! Well, almost for free. You do have to pay to ship the DVD to another member who requests it, but when you request a DVD from another member they pay to ship it to you. (About two bucks) That's fair to me!

Upon creating an account and posting your first ten DVD's to swap you get one credit. You need credits to request DVD's. For every DVD you send to another member, you also get one credit. The barter system at work!

I have sent five DVD's to other members so far and just requested my first two. Both fitness DVD's of course!

Please give this website a try. The more people who join and list their DVD's, the more selection we will all have to trade within.

Log on to to start your account today!

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