Monday, January 18, 2010

Revolution Fitness Santa Monica, CA

My trip to Los Angeles ended with lots of sweat, plenty of burn and enough residual soreness to "fix" this workout junkie.

I made my way to beautiful Montana Ave in Santa Monica, California on a perfect, sunny Saturday for two fitness classes at Revolution Fitness.

Found free parking (who knew that still existed in LA?) and walked around the corner to the studio, tucked away in a quaint courtyard.

Greeted by Danielle, a truly adorable nutrition student - all my questions were thoroughly answered with enthusiasm and a smile.

First up was a 9a Spin class with Joseph. As the 8am class finished, I peered into the huge, sweaty studio lined with fogged up mirrors to watch the 50 riders exit the class. Yes - 50 riders. The place was packed with people wanting to breathe heavy and get sweaty. My kind of place.
i got situated on my bike and was checked by an assistant to make sure I ok for my first class there - very classy.
The other 49 riders and Joseph poured in and before you knew it, the sound of pedals cranking and beats blasting filled the space.
Joseph proceeded to give an inspirational ride full of climbs and sprints set to a wonderful mix of club tunes. Joseph's style was an articulate, obviously seasoned combo of physical coaching and spiritual awareness. Mind body on the bike, baby!

Thoroughly drenched, I made my way to my second class - CoreBarre with Dana. Situated in a tiny corner studio, 10 lovely ladies were squeezed in ready to lengthen, strengthen and stretch.
Dana was not only amazingly competent, knowledgeable and tough, but posses a physiqe worth striving for. Tiny, lithe, sinewy and lean, she instructed and demonstrated the grueling workout with poise, expertise and contageous enthusiasm.

Revolution Fitness does boutique fitness totally right. No nonsense, classic workouts taught by competent, inpsiring teachers.
They also offer TRX and Indorow classes.
Check their schedule here: and get one of the best fitness experiences out there.

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