Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pike Push Up

I told you yesterday that I predict a huge surge in body weight workouts in 2010. They are quick, efficient and require no equipment. You can do body weight exercise anywhere, anytime. Plus, if you can't hoist your own body weight, why lift an extraneous load like a dumbbell!!?

The pike push up is a great variation on the traditional, plank style version.

For this alternative, start out in downward dog. The wider you place your feet, the more stable your base, and therefore the easier the level.

Spread your fingers wide, press your entire hand, palm and fingers into the floor.
You may turn your hands out (externally rotate at the shoulder) to protect your shoulders if you wish. Play with hand position variation.

Keep your sit bones pointed up toward the ceiling, navel pulled into your spine and keep your body weight centered over your shoulders. The more you position your weight over your shoulders, the harder the exercise will be.

Bending from the elbow on an inhale, lower your body toward the floor. With an exhale, push your elbows straight back to the start position.

Start with 3 - 5 reps and build to 15 - 20 reps for one to three sets.

Be sure to stretch the shoulders, triceps and chest after performing this exercise.

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