Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nutra Sonic

Curious about the sonic skin cleansing trend, I began investigating the available products for this method. Sonic cleansing is touted to cleanse skin deeper, allow for deeper penetration of serums and overall better skin health.

I actually purchased the Clarisonic and returned it unimpressed. I just didn't feel like it cleansed my skin any differently than without it.

Further probing led me to discover Nutraluxe MD, the creator of the Nutra Sonic Skin Cleansing System.

Nutraluxe very generously sent me a Nutra Sonic system to try. It included the brush, two facial cleansing heads, a body brush head, botanical skin cleanser and toner.

Upon my first use, I immediately noticed that the Nutra Sonic acutally felt more powerful than the Clarisonic. It operates at four separate speeds up to 400 times per second and also has a "jitter" mode. I also enjoy that it lacks a timer, allowing me to cleanse my skin for as long or brief a time as I see fit.

Whereas I felt the Clarisonic wasn't really doing anything, the Nutra Sonic makes my skin feel instantly cleaner, tighter and exfoliated. I also really enjoy the cleanser and toner that came with the kit. Gentle, pleasantly scented and packaged in sleek, sanitary pump dispensers - the products are botanical and Paraben Free.
The body brush head is a great addition for total body exfoliation; fabulous to use on the chest and back for acne prone skin and all over prior to using self tanner.

The Nutra Sonic Face Brush system is also a little easier on the wallet. Priced at $150 for the unit, two face brushes and body brush versus $195 - $225 for the Clarisonic Pro.

Dermatologists are shouting the praises of sonic cleansing all over the place, so why not give it a try? It actually adds a fun, new element to a boring cleansing routine.

The Nutra Sonic System can be purchased here:

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  1. i LOVE my nutra sonic! i got it at HSN for $119 and FREE S&H! so glad i didn't spring for the clarisonic!!