Monday, April 12, 2010

Gobble Green

Earth Day is approaching and it's a great reminder to inventory your habits and how they affect our planet.

Using the products mentioned in this blog is one way to minimize your impact on the environment while helping you to look damn good.

Another truly powerful way you can also "go green" is by eating a diet that is mostly plant based.

Gobble Green is a company that has taken this idea and created a gourmet vegan food delivery service, making it more convenient than ever to eat in an environmentally responsible and healthful way.

Gobble Green sent me a days worth of food that best represented their service, so I dug in for a day of vegan eats! Gobble Green recommends supplementing the packaged food with fruits, veggies and a B12 supplement. Plus, they have plenty of gluten and sugar free choices for those on a limited diet.

The frozen food arrived in a large, environmentally friendly cardboard box lined with plastic and dry ice.

Each entree is minimally packaged in a vacuum sealed bag that you open and reheat.

I started the day with their "Sausage and Cheese" Biscuit. The texture unfortunately did not translate after reheating in the microwave, but the flavor was dense and reminiscent of the real thing. It was also surprisingly filling. It was also a total treat for someone who usually starts the day with a kale juice, yogurt and flax.

Next I had the Macaroni and "Cheese." This was a very satisfying vegan version of the quintessential comfort food. I mixed in frozen peas and broccoli to get some veggies in. Again - a total indulgence for me ... as macaroni definitely isn't on my everyday menu!

Now, stay with me ... because the superstars of the Gobble Green Menu are about to make their appearance in my culinary schedule ...

Still full from my first two entrees ... I heated the Portabella and Asparagus Rice Pilaf. A fragrantly, enticing aroma began to fill the kitchen from this simple, yet sophisticated dish made from organic asparagus, organic garlic, organic portabella mushrooms, organic walnuts, organic grape seed oil and organic brown rice.
The moment the first bite hit my palette, I became a Gobble Green devotee. Now this is what healthy, tasty vegan fare is all about. This entree is a standout option both in flavor and nutrition. I could live on it.

For my final meal I sampled the Kung Pao "Chicken." I was a bit skeptical, since again - this was nothing I would ever even order at a restaurant, but THANK YOU Gobble Green for sending this wheat meat with an asian spin! Perfectly spiced, filled with huge chunks of red pepper and textured with whole peanuts, this entree was a hit! If I didn't know it was vegan - I would have never guessed.

Dessert was a soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie. The Gobble Green cookies are huge, yet not overly sweet - the perfect treat to complement their superb fare.

The days calorie total without the addition of my fruits and veggies was 1583 ... a perfect amount for most active folks of my size (a woman 5'2 ish and 120lbs) to actually sustain and possibly lose weight on. The fat count comes in at about 42% of daily calories, the carbs at 45% and the protein at 14%. Ideally, I like the protein ratio a bit higher, the fat and carbs a bit lower, but these ratios would change based on the days food fare. There was a total of 21 grams of fiber - which is pretty excellent, since with the addition of fruits and veggies, the daily total would surely come in higher.

Even though this was a tasty day that fulfilled any cravings a person may have, make sure to chose some of their meals that contain less processed meat alternatives and more whole food protein sources like from beans and quinoa to make this a truly healthy eating experience.

Gobble Green has done an amazing job of creating delicious entrees that prove that vegan food can be scrumptious. I will be referring Gobble Green to my clients looking for a way to make plant based options a part of their eating regime and to anyone interested in a portion controlled, healthy, gourmet food delivery service.

If you are looking for a way to start eating a plant based diet, learn portion control and have convenient delicious meals delivered to your front door - Gobble Green is the way to go!

With the addition of an exercise program and making wise menu choices you could impact the earth and your waistline!

Learn more and purchase Gobble Green here:

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  1. Seeing positive reviews for Gobble Green worries and shocks me. It really makes me wonder who's behind these reviews and if any or all of them are actually Gobble Green’s staff, or friends & family. It really wouldn’t shock me, and in fact it would be smart to do so. By giving the illusion that many people enjoy their food, people are more comfortable spending package prices on multiple weeks worth of food, just like I did. I read the reviews before I purchased my package, and was comfortable handing over my debit card number when the time came to order. But that was the beginning to a very unpleasant experience, to both me and my taste buds.

    I am a Vegetarian of 8 year who greatly enjoys soy food and other meatless options. I also have some Vegan family members, which is what initially turned me on to Vegan food, especially the tasty deserts. I’m not much of a “dipper”, and I don’t use much salt, so it’s not as if I can’t deal with food that others might consider a little “bland”, in fact, I prefer things with a more natural taste. I love vegetables, and beans, and many foods that are associated with Vegan and Vegetarian diets. So, given this, I wasn’t reluctant at all paying for a weeks worth of was I expected to be, and described as by Gobble Green, as “cuisine” vegan food prepared by their experienced chefs.

    The first day was pretty disappointing, the breakfast bar tasted like cardboard, but luckily I had peanuts and raisins to get me through until lunch. I surely kept a positive attitude and just figured there might be some dishes I may not care for. But then I had the spaghetti for lunch. The noodles were completely mushy, and the consistency of it was unbearable, so I didn’t finish the dish. I did eat the meatballs, which weren’t too bad. For dinner I had the Fettuccini Alfredo, which once again was completely mush. My husband tried to revive it with sauce and spices, but ultimately threw it away. This same experience continued on through the next couple days with similar noodle dishes, such as the Macaroni & “cheese”. All of the noodle and pie dishes were soggy, as were all the vegetables. The muffins and brownies had the consistency of chewing on sand, and crumbled to pieces at touch. The curry soup tasted like water, with rubber tofu floating in it and the rice dishes were stale, and hard. The “eggs” had a very off-putting neon yellow color to them, and were likewise inedible. The hash browns were ok, but definitely needed to be baked, definitely not microwaved.

    Now this review was written after asking for a partial refund from Gobble Green. I sincerely apologized that I was writing them to pretty bluntly call their food inedible, which I stand by. I felt bad doing it, and they even asked me for details …. Reluctantly, I criticized their food dish by dish, once again apologizing but asking for SOME of money back. They said it was “against policy” as though they were some sort of Corporation and offered me a 15% discount on a future package (of which I had a coupon for anyway because they mail one

    I’m really disappointed,… and I sort of feel scammed. I never felt good about asking for my money back, but really felt it was deserved. Their guarantees of the quality of food were absolutely false, and they definitely do not stand by it.

    If you still want to try Gobble Green, take my advice and buy a single dish or two before diving into their very costly packages. I literally threw away $100…..