Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jay Robb Rice Protein

Sometimes it's just not convenient to eat whole food protein sources ... you need to get protein into your body on the go!

That's where protein powders are so convenient.

But, so many of them are highly processed, full of artificial sweeteners and taste awful.

Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores looking for a whey protein alternative have the additional challenge of finding a product that is minimally processed, with great quality protein.

Jay Robb to the rescue!

Jay Robb's nutritional company is probably best known for their superb hormone free egg white and whey protein.

The company also offers a spectacular Sprouted Brown Rice Protein that is gluten free, smooth and low heat processed.

This is great to try for a change of protein pace, for those who have allergies to dairy or who just want another delicious smoothie option.

Available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry - I am particular to the vanilla so I can mix in whatever flavor add ins I fancy that day.

Jay Robb's company is also now offering "green" packaging - eco friendly bags that create less waste than traditional protein tubs.

Find out more and shop the entire Jay Robb line here: http://jayrobb.com

(image from: jayrobb.com)

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