Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Yoga of Raw Veggies

Local Co-ops, grocers and farmer's markets are starting to buzz with early crops and lately I've been craving the satisfying crunch of raw veggies.

I've been washing and chopping my earthly treasures and packing them for all day snacking.

I've also been trying to overcome my habit of absent mindedly shoveling food into my mouth, as so many of us in my industry unfortunately do - as we cram fuel in between clients.

I'm making a conscious effort to sit quietly, without distraction and focus on my meals.

This is especially important with raw veggies. You need to masticate those suckers! A lot. Like until they are liquefied to get the full benefit of the enzymes, vitamins, fiber and nutrients - without upsetting your stomach.

The cool side effect is that I am experiencing this major calming, grounding quality from consuming food that has been grown responsibly in the earth in as close to it's most natural state as possible.

It's an undeniable, cooling, mellowing sensation. Plus, I feel all glowy from all the raw goodness!

Prep some crudities for yourself this week and take the time to truly chew, in a peaceful setting. Experience the veggie chill out several times during the day.

Ahhhhh ... the garden of bliss! It's like yoga with veggies! A meditation cornucopia. The produce section with benefits.

(image from: stockvault.net)

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