Friday, April 16, 2010

The Pursuit of Happy Hips

I never win contests. There are people who always win contests. I am not one of them.

Well, I used to not be! That all changed when I won Eoin Finn's "The Pursuit of Happy Hips" yoga DVD from!

I was super excited not only from the thrill of winning, but from the prize itself!

Eoin Finn was one of my first VHS Yoga Teachers. His "Power Yoga" (2002) tape (yes, I typed tape - because that's what it was) was on heavy rotation because it was a wonderful riff on the Ashtanga Primary Series. Plus, Eoin is this groovy Canadian Surfer Yogi - and I totally dig that.

Eoin's newest offering was released in December 2009 and is a stunningly filmed collection of four practices designed to open the hips.

From a short and sweet 43 minute sequence, to a 51 minute more chill practice... all the way to a movin' and groovin' 80 minute flow, there is a practice for every yogi on this dvd.

Eoin's instruction is detailed, filled with wonderful yogic and Asian wisdom tidbits and totally laid back with a beachy, "hang loose" vibe.
You will feel transported to the gorgeous Candadian locales Eoin and his athletic co-yogis are practicing in.

There are great DVD features such as a preview of each practice and an anatomy tutorial from Eoin (in which he wears a "Bliss Army" tee-shirt that I must have!)

This DVD has a ton of bang for your yogic buck and is sure to become one of your juicy, tasty, flowy favorites.

Learn more about Eoin Finn and purchase his DVD's here:

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