Monday, April 5, 2010

Method Squeaky Green Baby Dryer Cloths

Switching to non toxic,irritant free products includes the laundry!

What goes in the washer and dryer gets into your clothes and of course, onto your skin. Many people have sensitivities to additives in laundry products that manifest themselves in skin issues.

But, who knew that most conventional dryer sheets are made with animal fat?
Ewwwww. That is just nasty. I'll take static cling over animal lard residue any day.

Method has created a unique, wet technology dryer cloth that is derived from vegetable sources.

Squeaky Green Baby Dryer Cloths come in a chic little resealable package. They are slightly damp and infuse your laundry with static free softness that you can feel good about. The vegetable sources are totally renewable, safe for sensitive skin and actually may prolong the wear of your clothing.

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