Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rise and Shine

There is nothing like getting a head start on the day.

Regardless of whether my schedule necessitates it, I make it a point to wake up between 4:30 and 5:00am each day to get my yoga practice and internetting done.

I have a ritual of setting the coffee maker (prepped with water and yerba mate bags) the night before so I wake up to a pot of hot yerba mate. I enjoy the steaming brew while I email and surf the web. Then I hit the yoga mat for "me" time.

On days I sleep in, I make sure I still allot enough time for this sacred, meditative time. If I get tired during the day, ideally I take a 10 - 20 minute rest or power through it and go to bed a bit earlier.

Ultimately, I fall asleep faster and my sleep is more restful and solid.

Getting up early allows me to work a full day and still enjoy time with my family, knowing that I took care of my needs first thing of the day.

Try waking up early to get tasks, workouts and whatever else you need to center yourself and motivate yourself for the day in. It will take 21 - 28 days for your body to get used to the new schedule, but your sanity will thank you for it.

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  1. You're absolutely right... it does take a while to get used to it though... I had a tough winter and now I'm working on getting back into a morning routine. I work early in the morning so it's kind of crammed. But maybe I will just have to wake up a little earlier!