Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christina Cosmetics Aromatherapy Mineral Mist

We're almost into January, which inevitably brings even colder weather and with it even dryer, flakier skin.

Besides drinking more water, taking Omega 3's and adhering to a good skin care program, you can hydrate your face, neck and decollete throughout the day by spritzing on a topical mist like Christina Cosmetics Aromatherapy Mineral Mist.

Christina Cosmetics was kind enough to send me a bottle of the Mist to try and I am a convert. As you know from my previous post about their Perfect Pigment Mineral Make Up (, I am bananans about their four color palette foundation that replaces an entire case of make up.

The Aromatherapy Mineral Mist comes in a 4oz spray bottle and contains comforting herbs like lavender, comfrey, calendula and sage in a light moisturizing base of aloe and water.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin and light enough for oily complexions, applying it immediately after getting out of the shower BEFORE your moisturizer adds an extra shot of moisture into your skin. Then, spritz over your make up after application and throughout the day to maintain gorgeous, hydrated, glowing skin.

This product is a MUST HAVE for those who wear powder based mineral make up formulations. The mist infuses the powder and "sets" it, transforming any brand from cakey and dull to luminous, natural-looking and "glowy."

I also love to spritz it on first thing in the morning, to remove any "pillow creases" from my face and refresh my skin before my workout without a heavy, greasy moisturizer.

You can purchase Christina Cosmetic products here:

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