Tuesday, December 8, 2009

German Fussball - That's soccer to us

I find myself in Germany for the next couple of days.

First in Dusseldorf and then in Schwerin.

One things is abundantly clear.

These people love Fussball ... or soccer.

And who can blame them? Sheer athleticism, endurance, speed, agility and gorgeous legs on display??

Try incorporating some of the training that soccer players use into your routine.

Add stretching, plyometrics, speed and agility work to your normal routine.

Here is a great agility drill to try (from: http://www.soccerxpert.com/soccertips/id1207.aspx):
Super Shuttle
1.Set a series of cones out in a cross formation. (see diagram on link)
2.Run backwards to the center cone, side step to the right cone (or your left if you are performing the drill), side step back to the centre cone still facing the same way.
3.At the center cone turn and sprint forward to the end cone. Now run back to the center cone, side step to the left, side step back to the center, then turn and sprint back to the start.

Be sure to stretch like crazy afterwards!

(picture from: certifiedtravel.org)

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