Monday, December 21, 2009


The end of our European travels were met with almost a foot of snow piled up in our driveway. Yes, winter wonderland is pretty and appropriate for the time of year, but sometimes it makes you just want to hole up in the house and not go out!

That's how I was feeling yesterday morning ... but, I also wanted a change of pace from my usual solitary ashtanga yoga practice. I wanted a great yoga class without the hassle of leaving home.

So, I logged on to, signed up and received a free, 15 day trial of the online yoga class service.

Yogaglo is actually a yoga studio in Santa Monica, CA that has a live web feed of their classes. If you take class there ... the whole Internet can witness it! The camera is positioned in the back of the classroom, so you see the front of the teacher and the back of the students.

I was immediately impressed with the range of classes they offer. From Ashtanga "improv" to Anusara to Vinyasa , there is truly a style for every yogi of every level. You can search classes by style, level, duration, teacher or category -making Yogaglo user friendly.

I chose a level 3 vinyasa class taught by Jo Tastula from October 27, 2009. The class was 90 minutes of innovative, challenging poses linked together in a beautiful flow. There is actually music playing during the class as well, which I was impressed did not distract me from Jo's instruction. The playlist is listed on the right side of the screen as a bonus for Muso yogis!!

I felt like I was right there in the class and got a great workout. My abs and shoulders are talkin' to me today! YEAH! I also really enjoyed watching the students in the class and got some great ideas for modifications by observing them.

Yogaglo is only $18 a month after the 15 day trial. How can you beat that? Live yoga classes - including workshops and lectures from premiere instructors out of a beautiful Santa Monica, CA yoga studio cost at least that PER class in person!!

Give Yogaglo a shot today! It's a wonderful way to enrich your current yoga practice or workout regime from the comfort of your own home without any travel time, wasted gas or worry about what outfit to wear to class.

Log on here to start now:

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