Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Damn HE looks good - Robert Downey, Jr

Saw Guy Ritchie's epic "Sherlock Holmes" last night.

Fantastic film, quirky score, fabulous cast and holy shirtless Robert Downey, Jr!!

In a classic Guy Ritchie brawl, we are treated to a ripped Downey, Jr. bare knuckle boxing. Wow. Man looks fierce. He looks incredibly competent and believable in the action scenes. A lean, sinewy powerhouse.

According to an article on Men's Fitness UK, "To get Robert Downey Jr in shape to play Sherlock Holmes we did high-volume, low-intensity workouts to build his cardio levels and muscle endurance,' says Robert Downey Jr's legendary American trainer Brad Bose. 'I didn't want him to get huge, but he needed to be fit enough to do his own stunts. To achieve this we used a machine called the Vortex Perfect Storm, a free-standing multi-gym that has loads of attachments for cables and resistance.

'We'd do intervals on the Perfect Storm, hitting his major muscle groups from loads of different angles, then finish up with a climb on a Jacob's Ladder – an inclined climbing treadmill – to improve his cardio,' says Bose."

Clearly, it worked for him.

As for diet ... the internet has been circulating stories that Downey, Jr. got a "parasite" from a restaurant in Japan, causing him to lose weight. He was motivated by the sudden weight loss to keep it up. Translation - the man ate less and worked out smart.

Check out links for the equipment Downey's trainer uses:


(picture from: http://www.mensfitness.co.uk/exercise/total_body/2728/robert_downey_jr_workout.html)

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