Friday, December 11, 2009

Travel Workout

As I confessed exercise addict - in a completely good and healthy way, traveling this week has certainly provided many challenges in maintaining my regular regime.

Here are some tips to keep your workout going while you are on the road.

1. Change your mindset. No - you are not going to do what you normally do. You may not have your yoga mat, the same gym equipment or even space to move, but this is no excuse to NOT workout. Adjust your mindset to be ok with whatever you get in - whether it be a structured workout, walking around sightseeing or participating in regional sports activities.

2. Bring along some goodies just in case. I always travel with toe sox (for yoga in the hotel room instead of a mat,) a jump rope and a medium resistance band. That and my body weight is all I need to rock it!

3. Get creative. So, the hotel gym has no dumbbells, an old treadmill and a ballet barre. PERFECT! Do a circuit of push ups, tread sprints, barre work and tread hills. Use the bar to do standing stretches and seated ab work you normally wouldn't do.

4. Bring your ipod. Then - even if you are stuck in a tiny hotel room ... you can dance your butt off, do plyometrics and body weight exercises. What a great excuse to spend some extra time stretching!

5. Check out local fitness trends. Go to a yoga class, a spin studio or a gym wherever you are. A new environment always inspires me and reinvigorates my program.

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