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I promise you this is not a tyrade on the expulsion of dairy from your diet. There may be some details that you wished you didn't know revealed - but, I say ignorance is not bliss!! Education is power and power lets you choose the right path for YOU and your health.

This is a beautiful story of the reuniting of a nutritional power house and a former vegan. Yes - vegan - the kind who shuns ALL animal products, including animal flesh, dairy and eggs. And oui, that person was me - for over three years.
Vegan propaganda had understandably turned me off from all dairy products. Between the hormones and the fact that humans are the only species who consume another species mother's milk, I thought I was done forever.

A trip to Australia made me appreciate the wonders of a varied, natural, omnivorous diet. On Aussie soil, fresh, whole foods are prominent everywhere you go - from street food to high end restaraunt fare. The singular reason I was wooed back to the milk products was the gorgeous, untampered, thick, unsweetened yogurt that was the snack and dessert of choice from the East to the West coast.
The use of synthetic growth hormone in dairy cows is actually prohibited in Australia. Nothing is labeled organic or "hormone free" because it just IS. What a concept!!
So, I felt great about giving dairy a go and indulged in the most amazing, flavorful yogurt I've ever tasted.
It was thick, creamy, tart and naturally sweet. It was especially delicious served with a freshly split passion fruit spooned on top.
My love affair with dairy had been reignited. I now enjoy all of the probiotic benefits and a generous dose of protein. I am experiencing faster recovery from my workouts, better digestion, an increase in lean muscle mass and clearer skin.
Here in the states, I now only buy organic dairy products labeled "from cows not treated with hormones." My favorites are non fat plain greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese. Trader Joe's has great prices on these consciously raised products.
Yes, it costs a bit more, but I believe dairy is one of the foods we cannot settle for conventional on - especially for our children.
Like everything else, be sure to eat dairy in moderation and be conscious of serving sizes.
Your body and what you put in it should be as sacred as they hold the cow in India!!

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