Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A word on MBT's ... even though I know they have been around for a while.
In fact, long enough that now there are scores of copy cat versions from almost every althletic shoe company.

From the aesthetics of the shoe, one would never understand why any other company would even remotely desire to make the clunky, unattractive, high rise sneaker a part of their repetoire. (Although they are slightly reminiscent of Sketcher Platform Sneakers from back in the day -which I rocked with my MC Hammer pants.)

However, the results these shoes get on legs, derrieres and cores of dedicated wearers resolves the mystery. MBT's are more than just footwear. They are piece of fitness equipment you happen to wear on your feet.

I bought an original pair of the extra elevated MBT sneakers when they first came out, for full price.

That was around 2005 and they are still kickin'!

The first day I was sore from just walking in them. Within a week I noticed more tone and firmness in my lower body and a flatter stomach. Plus, I adore the bouncing, walking through sand-like feeling trapesing around in them gives me. MBT's are also excellent for relieving low back pain and strengthening a weak back.

After acclimating to the shoes, try jogging and doing lower body work with them on. MBT squats and lunges are sure to conform even the most unrully of rear ends.

Yes, these shoes are an investment, but well worth it.

What an amazing gift for the fitness fiend who has everything or the perfect item to add to your wish list.

You can purchase MBT's on their website at: us.mbt.com

(photo from: us.mbt.com)

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