Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving - Have a Plan of Attack

So, Dad is making his famous deep fried turkey. Mom has been slaving over her stuffing, so good it is barely short of miraculous. Grandma's rich, creamy mashed potatoes and famous pecan pie are a shoe in to be on the tempting line up as well.

How do you navigate this day, so thick with food and tradition without blowing your nutrition plan?

I say you do just that.

No rules. No limitations - except on quantity. There is no need to miss out on any of the delicious, ceremonies treats that are a part of this gluttonous holiday.

Enjoy your life, your food, your family. Life is just too short to make food restrictions a part of Thanksgiving.

Have a plan of attack.

Get up early.
Have a sensible breakfast and even a small snack.
Get an energizing work out in. Some cardio followed by yoga, a fun class you usually wouldn't have the chance to attend, a brisk November walk ...
And when the smorgasbord is laid out, you can be in control, sampling whatever treats you like.
Savor each bite and really ask yourself if you need more.
Stop when you are full.
Drink a glass of water and see where you are at.
Focus on the conversation and company instead of on gorging yourself silly.

Give leftovers to the needy if possible and maintain this healthy attitude toward food for the rest of the holiday season.
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