Thursday, November 5, 2009

Larenim Radiant Glo

For those days when you look in the mirror and go, "I need a miracle," reach no further than your make up stash for Larenim Mineral Make Up's Radiant Glo.

Larenim (mineral spelled backwards) is an amazing all natural cosmetics company developed by a health food store owner! Their mineral make up line is 100% mineral content - no fillers, no talc, no oils, no chemicals and no dyes, yet the line manages to have an almost "MAC" range of colors, deep pigmentation and a beautiful finish.

My favorite product in the line is a member of their blush family. Radiant Glo is a loose mineral powder product that can be used all over the face. The cool, pink shade complements any skin tone. Swirl your blush brush in the product and tap out the excess, then dust Radiant Glo over your regular blush or alone on the apples up to your cheek bones. Dust a tiny bit down the center of your nose, dot a bit above the center of your lip and kiss the curve of your chin with the product.

The powder creates a sheer halo of color that seems to radiate from within your skin giving your complexion a luminous, youthful glow. YAY! Love that! It's an instant beauty reviver, even in the most most desperate of paint job situations.

Because Larenim is so pure, it is safe for multiple uses:

1. Mix it with your favorite lip balm for a shimmery, pink pout.
2. Blend with clear nail polish for a sheer, pink manicure.
3. Dust all over eyelids, leaving the brow bone bare for an ethereal eye look.

You can buy Radiant Glo along with the rest of the Larenim line at:

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