Monday, November 16, 2009

The F Factor Diet

If you haven't jumped on the fiber train yet, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist to the NYC and Miami elite, Tanya Zuckerbrot's book, "The F Factor Diet" will make you get on board. And I don't mean cardboard. Get ready for your perception of fiber to shift! Her plan's fiberlicious recipes will make you a fan and ultimately give you strategies to look damn good!

After I posted on GG Crackers, the company was kind enough to send me a copy of "The F Factor Diet" - as their crackers are a huge part of "The F Factor Diet" plan. Read the original post here:

I am so glad they did - because EVERYONE should read this sensible, educational, easy to follow program that gets results. The great thing is nothing is off limits on this plan - even alcohol is allowed!

The gist of the program is to eat fiber and protein at four meals throughout the day. The fiber is mainly consumed through GG Crackers (5g each),Fiber One Cereal (14g per serving)and high fiber foods for a total of 30 - 40 g per day. The diet is divided into three phases, easily followed by xeroxing and filling out copies of food diary pages that the book provides.

As with all diets, the amount of calories consumed is going to be the determinate of weight lost, but the combination of fiber and protein leads to a satiety that makes it easy to control how much you eat.

This is a fantastic program to start now - before the holidays. The program is easily maintained through parties, eating out and social events, so why not get a slender leg up before January?

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You can buy "The F Factor Diet" ON SALE for $5.47 at and the GG Crackers here:

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