Monday, November 2, 2009

Toe Sox

This blog aims to show you how to look your best from head to toe and this post takes that quite literally.
Your feet are the root of all stability for your body. If you aren't plugged into your soles, chances are your balance is questionable, you may suffer from back pain and are missing out on a key area of your body to work on.
Toe Sox address these issues by gently spreading the toes, hence the separate sheath for each individual "piggy."
Finding the articulation of the toes stretches and strengthens the muscles of the feet and starts to make you aware of the movement in each foot phalange. I couldn't resist ... say it ... FA LAN GEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Additionally these socks are a great yoga/pilates/workout tool in many ways:

1. Wear them to classes that use communal mats ... no more risk of toe rot!! YAY!

2. Use them to facilitate sliding movements where your feet need to drag through a pose or movement, such as learning the jump through/back used in Ashtanga yoga. Or to work your legs with sliding lunges; instead of picking up the foot to lunge, slide the moving foot along the floor to move from standing to lunge position.

3. Relax in them after a long day strutting the streets in the ridiculously high, yet fabuolous heels I know you were rocking at the office today. Seriously, Toe Sox are like a martini for your tootsies - and they will probably inspire you to roll out your yoga mat and practice!

4. You can hide your unpedicured feet from the hottie in your Thursday night class.

You can buy Toe Sox at
They come in full coverage and half toe versions, with or without grip.
I have the full coverage version with grip, but my next purchase will be the half toe sox.
And ... I know we're a bit early on this ... but, since the music and decorations are reering their FA LA LA heads earlier each year ...
Check out the Holiday Collection - you can pre-order now!! The Holiday Toe Sox make a unique, affordable gift for your yogi, work out junkie and general "on their feet all the time" giftee.

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