Thursday, November 12, 2009

Damn - SHE looks good! Lady GaGa

Am I the only one who has noticed the newly toned fierceness of Lady GaGa's body lately??

Not only is she having a MAYJAH fashion moment in her new video, "Bad Romance," but, girl is looking lean!

It was her appearance on SNL two weeks ago that first tipped my radar on this. She appeared in a skit with the Queen of Pop and Mother of All Hard Bodies - Madonna. GaGa totally held her own in a two piece latex number. Brave woman to appear mostly undressed next to Madge and girl looked damn good.

Her two performances took it to the next level in revealing costumes that showed off a ripped physique with a poppin' boodie. Not an easy feat, as when body fat is lost, the rear end tends to deflate. Not GaGa's though!

Then her "Bad Romance" video came out. Donning mostly Alexander McQueen, diva is tearin' it up with her bad self.

GaGa has been working out lately - running on the treadmill while singing to get in shape for her tour and training with celeb trainer, Harley Pasternak.

Pasternak revealed the method to GaGa's ab madness on The Today Show, “It’s not just about doing abs exercises,” Harley said on the show. “It’s mainly about eating the right foods, doing the cardio and burning the fat on top of the abs.”

Uh, huh. See!! Once again ... it's not just about working out!! You've got to have all of the pieces of the puzzle!!!

If GaGa's bod motivates you, purchase the re-release of her debut album The Fame - it comes with eight new tracks to infuse your work out!!

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