Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Part of maintaining an ACE Personal Training Certification is completing 2.0 Continuing Education Credits every two years.

I always try to take workshops that interest me and that I can actually apply to my client's training sessions, instead of just knocking the credits out to get 'em over with.

This weekend I traveled to San Francisco to attend a Balletone Sole Synthesis workshop lead by Shannon Fable.

Balletone interested in me on many levels.

Balletone Sole Synthesis incorporates multi directional/multi planar movements from fitness, ballet and yoga and is done barefoot. This workout basically covers everything in a one hour workout; cardio, strength, flexibility, stability, vertical core and balance training.

There is absolutely no equipment necessary for this workout - just your barefoot self ready to rock some new movements with no ego attached.

The workout begins with a warm up starting at the feet. Emphasis is placed on learning to distribute weight and move the toes independently. From there the first "segment" begins. Each "segment" includes a fitness piece, a ballet piece and a yoga piece tied together by a theme - like a forward lunge. The theme is performed within each of piece of the segment specific to the discipline.

For example, a front lunge in fitness - is well, a front lunge. In ballet, it transforms into a turned out "fall front" and in yoga it becomes a crescent lunge. Sole Synthesis really ties together the big picture of exercise, exemplifying how all movement disciplines are ultimately related.

In addition, each lower body movement has a complimentary (and sometimes opposing) upper body movement, creating a neuromuscular challenge.

The hour long group fitness class moves quickly, can adapt to every fitness level, is an amazing, original way to work functional movements and produces a ton of sweat.

To find a Balletone and Sole Synthesis class near you or purchase a DVD click here:

(image from: balletone.com)

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