Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Japonesque Brow Kit

I was so excited when I was sent the Japonesque Brow Kit.

Adorably packaged in a pink clutch case, the kit includes a tiny compact with brow wax, 2 neutral brow powders, a mini spoolie (a dry "mascara" brush to groom brows) and an angled brow brush.

Also tucked inside are 3 brow stencils, clear brow gel and a slant tip tweezers.

This kit has everything you would ever need for gorgeously groomed brows and is a great tool for make up artists to keep as an emergency touch up kit to keep on hand.

If you have never experienced the wonders of brow wax or are intimidated by the concept, don't be! Japonesque's formula is sheer and light, keeping every hair in place.

The brow powders are soft and neutral, blendable for every shade imaginable.

The tweezers come in handy for strays interfering with the "perfect" eye.

There's even room in the super cute pink compact that houses all these goodies for extras you throw in. The hard case is great to throw in your bag and easy to find in a deep purse.

Learn more about the Japonesque Brow Kit here: http://www.japonesque.com/catalogue.cfm?fla=productsSplash

(image from: japonesque.com)

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