Friday, May 14, 2010

Ilike Skin Care

Organic skin care from Hungary, Ilike combines fruit, vegetable and herbal ingredients into their extensive skin care line.

With a regime and product for every skin care concern, Ilike has the skin care solution for anyone looking for natural, organic products.

Ilike sent me small samples of several products in the line.

I was impressed by how the products retained the look, texture, feel and aromas of many of the ingredients used to create the products.

My favorite of the samples was the Sulphuric Whipped Moisturizer. I had a few hormonal erruptions and after one evening application of this treatment, I woke up with smoother, clearer skin.

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  1. I love eminence and have used it for years, but recently switched my routine in search of a green skincare line that was local and good for super sensitive skin.

    I found this incredible collection called Seaflora based out of Vancouver Island British Columbia. The concept is based on embracing the natural nutrients found in the ocean through seaweed and after 6 months using their full facial care regime, I am convinced in the power of seaweeds.

    My favorite product is their sea spray splash cleanser which is based in seaweeds and packed full of Vitamin A, C and E – NATURALLY! I have terribly sensitive skin and a really tough time finding products that can handle me, but this cleanser has kept my skin soft, fresh and moisturized (which is amazing considering so many cleansers dry out my skin!) I finish it off with a tiny dab of the Rich Laminaria Facial Moisturizer and honestly, my skin has never felt better!

    Has anyone tried the other Seaflora products? I want to try the balancing Sea Kelp Concentrate but would love to hear some reviews first!??!