Friday, May 21, 2010

Pin Up Girl Clothing

I am bananas about EVERY item on!!

I finally found my dress for my sister's wedding on this site. See the above pic of me ... pre-alterations. (I'm a midget - everything needs to be altered!)

Regardless if you are curvy, skinny, athletic, retro, classic, tattooed or even conservative, Pin Up Girl Clothing has a special item for you no matter what your taste.

Most of the items have a retro, classic feel recalling the golden age of movies and fashion. But, whether you choose a dress or a hand bag, the styles are still really relevant, fresh and current.

The website customer is fabulous as well. I ordered a size too big at first and the company credited my return shipping and quickly sent out the correct size.

Shop all of Pin Up Girl Clothing here:


  1. looks CUTE- i'm going to go check that site!! i feel you're pain- I'm 1/4" AWAY from 5'! I'm the size of an 11 yr old at 41... finding clothes is torture :(

  2. I've got about 2 inches on ya!! LOL
    Totally check it out ... I'm addicted!