Monday, May 17, 2010

Workout Phases

Ever feel like your yoga practice is getting stale?
Or maybe your gym routine is just not producing results anymore?
Perhaps you are not motivated to go to your spin class anymore.

That's a signal to change it up!

Going through workout phases is a natural part of being committed to a fitness plan, especially if you find yourself focusing on one modality for too long.

If you are done with yoga, try pilates or a Ruah DVD.

Tired of running? Give the stepmill or a boxing gym a go!

Treat yourself to a new fitness dvd or piece of equipment to reinspire your desire to workout.

Better yet, always mix up your routine to prevent boredom and your body from acclimating to one movement.

A great schedule would be as follows:

Monday: Gym - cycle class and 15 min flexibility training afterwards
Tuesday: Yin Yoga Class
Wednesday: Boxing Gym Conditioning Class
Thursday: Ruah Mind Body Movement or Pilates DVD (
Friday: Incline Treadmill walk, Cable Functional Training
Saturday: Outdoor Sporting Activity
Sunday: Off

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