Monday, May 10, 2010

Damn, They ALL look good! Iron Man 2

Dayuuuuuuum, the Iron Man 2 cast looks good!

I knew seeing the highly anticipated action flick would be fitness inspiration!

There is something for everyone in this film, whether you like slim, beefy, sinewy or sturvy (strong and curvy.)

Robert Downey, Jr., Mickey Rourke, Gwenyth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson have created physiques for this film reflective of the training modality they are into.

Starting with Gwenyth, because she shouts from rooftops her love of her sometimes controversial trainer, Tracy Anderson. The two are business partners with gyms and dvd's, so I always have a smidge of a grain of salt when Gwenyth expounds on how she created her body.
If you are into the slim, skinny look try Tracy Anderson's sculpting and dance based workouts. Tracy and Gwenyth are enthusiastic about low calorie diets to achieve this look, so if you are into food - this probably isn't for you.

Then, there the body antithesis of Ms. Paltrow in the bodacious Scarlet Johansson. Johansson trained with her husband's fitness guru, Bobby Strom - a master of resistance, functional and lifestyle training. Her body looks better than ever - lean, yet still soft exactly where a woman should be. She created a tiny, compact, sexy body for her character.

For those of you into beefy thugs, look no further than the totally menacing Mickey Rourke. Barrel chested with a ton of muscle, Rourke is still sporting his "Wrestler" physique. Obviously chiseled from a diet of pumping iron, training with Mike Ryan and consuming a ton protein, Rourke has become an intimidating physical force.

And then, there is the sinewy, flexible, graceful, physique of Robert Downey Jr. My trainer's eye tells me this is not a natural body type for RDJ ... he has to work hard to etch those lean, long muscles into his physique. Training with Brad Bose once again, RDJ incorporates multi directional strenth training, lots of cardio and martial arts to create that ninja bod!

These actors are a great reminder that regardless of genetics, you get what you put into your fitness routine. Decide what you want your final product to look like, then train and eat for that goal.

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