Friday, May 7, 2010

Zapp! Gum

However you say it, it is something I try to avoid consuming.
Aspartame is a sugar substitute found in everything from diet sodas, to toothpaste to sugarless gum.
I have succeeded at cutting out all sources of this artificial sweetener, except in the place I probably get it the most.
My pack a day gum habit.

I admit to having an oral fixation. I love to chew. And sugarless gum keeps my breath fresh and teeth sparkling while quelling my need to have a busy mouth.
But, a light bulb finally went off about the nastiness of this habit in terms of the mass quantities of aspartame I am consuming.

What are the options?

Gnaw on a piece of bark as traditionally done? Masticate some other chewy piece of nature?

That's where Zapp! Gum comes in.

Sweetened with Xylitol, Zapp! comes in five amazing flavors and actually helps to prevent cavities. Xylitol is also said to help boost the immune system and help allergy sufferers.

Zapp! is completely free of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. It also contains the most xylitol of any other gum out there. Plus, it's made in the USA!

Zapp! Gum generously sent me samples of their flavors. I highly suggest the Apple Cinnamon as an after meal "dessert," and the Cool Peppermint for a refreshing, burst of minty goodness.

Learn more and purchase Zapp! Gum here:

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