Friday, February 19, 2010


"Damn ... those booties look good wearing MeSheeky!!"

That is the precise thought that has rolled through my nut-tastic head every time I've glanced at the adorable MeSheeky ads.

You've seen 'em ... in your yoga and fitness magazines for the past couple of months.
Cheeky "sheeky" ads for a darling and useful product.

MeSheeky makes very clever studio to street wear in the form of hip hugging skirts you throw on over your yoga/workout pants.

Who hasn't wished for these when exiting a vigorous vinyasa class with a sweaty crotch as a souvenir?

MeSheeky is the BRAZILLLIANT brain child of acclaimed yoga teacher Sarah Tomson Beyer. (Billed as Chief Executive Sheekynista on the website - how much do we love her?)
I feel a trend coming, folks ... good bye leggings and Uggs ... hello MeSheeky!

Be sure to browse their selection of chic, hip, sexy layering pieces here:

1 comment:

  1. Wearing my sheeky right NOW!!! Love to Sarah!!
    Amazing fun strutting around all Sheeky!!
    DeNa xox