Thursday, February 25, 2010

RoundUp Ready Alfalfa

Today's post is on a more serious note, as the subject of it definitely has implications to not only looking and feeling damn good, but to the environment and general health and wellness.

My local food co-op, Great Basin sent out a call to action that opened my eyes to some issues I had not been aware of.

The most alarming of which is the USDA's plan to approve RoundUp-Ready Alfalfa (RR) into the state of Nevada. Alfalfa is Nevada's #1 cash crop and the fourth most widely grown crop in the US.
This would be the first perennial crop approved for genetic modification and release.

RR Alfalfa is genetically engineered to be resistant to Glyphosate, an herbicide farmer's use against broad leaf and cereal weeds. (wikipedia

So what's wrong with it?

According to,"it is the primary feed for dairy production, and is commonly fed to beef, cattle, sheep and horses." Therefore RR Alfalfa will make it's way onto our plates.

Further, there is the risk that the RR Alfalfa will cross pollinate with organic crops, compromising their organic integrity.
Further ramifications include the future of more crops, ones that WE humans consume, becoming next on Monsanto's list to genetically modify.

I totally understand how genetically engineered crops help farmers do their job, but there has to be a better way without jeopardizing the food supply for those who want to eat organically grown, natural foods.

Learn more about both sides of the issue from these links:


Pro- RR:

Visit the Great Basin Food Co-op here:

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