Friday, February 26, 2010

PZI Jeans

Working out, doing yoga and eating right has mayjah benefits like looking and feeling damn good.

These activities can also lead to a tiny waist, a trim, flat stomach, curvy hips, a strong booty and powerful thighs. The combination of which - can make it difficult to find jeans that fit properly.

If a pair fits in the thighs, it likely gapes at the waist. Ummmm ... not attractive!

PZI jeans has come up with an entire line of denim geared toward women with curves in all the right places, what they like to term, "curve appeal!"

It's amazing to see a fashion line design FOR a woman's natural body shape, instead of women feeling inadequate and trying to tailor themselves to the latest fashions.

I haven't actually slithered into a pair of these yet, but I am really excited to try on a couple pairs!

You can see the whole collection and learn more about PZI here:

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