Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nancy's Organic Cottage Cheese

After the four hour yoga workshop on Saturday, I faced a 45 minute drive home with only an organic apple in my possession.

That wasn't gonna cut it.

I was starving and my muscles were screaming for protein.

I rolled into the local Truckee, CA natural foods store, New Moon Natural Foods.

They were about to close, so the pickins were slim in their prepared foods case that usually has salads, raw food meals, veggie sushi, etc ...

I wandered over to their refrigerated cases and noticed a very convenient, single serving size package of Nancy's Organic Cottage Cheese.

I picked it out of the cooler and examined the label on the perfectly cute 8oz serving cup. You can view the details on the label above and see why I was impressed. This organic cottage cheese is a stellar way to get post workout protein.

Plus, a serving is really only 1/2 cup, so each "single" serving container gives you two shots of high quality, mostly slow absorbing casein protein.

$1.89 bought me my fix. Not bad for a whole food protein source when you consider the price of a serving of protein powder - which is highly processed no matter how you try to spin it!

I cracked open the container and discovered the thickest, creamiest, tangiest, tastiest cottage cheese I've ever devoured. The tangy taste comes from Nancy's old fashioned culturing process which loads this cottage cheese with probiotics! BONUS!!

I was full after half the container and satiated well past my 45 minute ride home.

Nancy's also makes an entire line of cultured soy and dairy products.

You can find a retailer of Nancy's products here: http://nancysyogurt.com

(image from: nancysyogurt.com)

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