Friday, February 5, 2010

The Total Package

The final element of looking and feeling damn good is how you present the total package.

This is the fun stuff!

Make up, hair, clothing, your skin ... these are all components that you manipulate to express yourself.

The choices you make communicate how you want to be percieved by others and how you feel about yourself.

Whether you choose to be conservative and subdued or wild and over the top, your total package is up to you. Work with what you've been given and maximize your potenitial.

Learn what cut of clothing works for your body type, get a hairstyle that flatters your bone structure and choose make up that makes your features pop! Keep you skin clear and glowing and you are on your way to The Total Package!

Try products mentioned on this blog, read and research proper nutrition and engage in physical activity each day.

No matter how you choose to color in (or outside) the lines of your image, remember that ultimately the inner work you have done through your attitude, exercise program and nutrition will shine through.

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