Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Love Yoga Wear

Our Love Yoga has filled a much needed void in the yoga wear market - affordable, hip, well made clothes to rock during yoga practice.

I love the look, feel and durability of $100 yoga pants ... but, $100 yoga pants?? Come on?? Doesn't that somehow conflict with one of the eight limbs of yoga??

Our Love Yoga has created a line to fill that void. The line is touted as "accessible & practical, where most of the line can be thrown in the wash and the dryer and all of the items have refreshingly low price points."

That got my attention!! Plus $1.08 of every Our Love purchase from the Y Catalog ( donated to The Challenged Athletes Foundation. Now that sounds like yoga to me!

The line consists of pants and tops made from comfy fabrics and embellished with cool yoga themed prints.

I especially like the Budha Zen Capri ($47.00) and the Ganesh Super Soft Sweatshirt($34.00) pictured above.

See the entire line here:

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