Monday, February 15, 2010

Yoga Journal Live Mag

Have you ever opened your glossy edition of Yoga Journal Magazine and contemplated the the editorials of seemingly impossible poses?
I know you've stared at the beautiful images and not had the patience to read through the endless accompanying text to learn how to perform the sequences.
Let's face it, many of us are visual learners when it comes to physical activity.
Yoga Journal Magazine has finally addressed this with their new Live Mag feature on their website.
The Live Mag tool allows readers to access video versions of each story on their website.
For example March 2010 master class on Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana (Revolved Split-Legged Headstand) is available in video format online.
The 18:38 video visually and auditorally explains each asana progression to achieve this advanced pose.
It's like getting a private session from Yoga Journal's master teachers.
Click here to experience Live Mag:

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